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Use the right protection

Our effective Crash protection blends in perfectly with your YAMAHA and is a stylish and effective alternative to some larger alternatives. Protectors are designed to protrude far enough to offer proper protection, but not so far as to spoil the lines and look of you YAMAHA.

Get a sexy back

We have designed a replacement for the very large, original plastic license plate holder, to have that cool factor from front to back. The result is a rocking awesome shorter version of the plate holder that makes all the difference – with style and high quality.

Don’t slip!

Stay in Control! The tank grip will provide you with the right grip and the feel you need to assist in better bike control. It will allow you to maintain a stable body position while cornering and braking through the streets like a real rocker!

Wheel of foreplay

Style & Efficient Protection – best of both worlds. These multi-purpose little helpers provide excellent crash protection and give your bike a stylish advantage. Providing crash protection to the front components.

Swing to the party